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We get interest from all over the world for working with Tom and there are a number of different ways we can manage this. You can see Tom in his Manchester Clinic or arrange for Tom to visit you at your place of training, club facility or home (although this may come with extra cost for travel and accommodation depending on location). 

  • Manchester Clinic

Book in Clinic
  • Outside visit

Please contact Tom on

Please give information on:

  • When you need treatment

  • Where you need treatment taking place

  • What injury it is you have, or if no diagnosis has been made, where the injury is

  • What previous treatment you have had on the complaint

  • If this injury is during competition 

Dr White will get back to you to make arrangements for treatment and arrange a call to discuss further logistics. The longer the treatment needed for and the further the treatment is located from Manchester the more notice we will need.


Emergency appointments can be made but are usually made for existing patients. 

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