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Rebekah Wilson - 2014 Sochi Bobsleigh Athlete

'Tom always has time to fix me and put me right. I trust his advice on treatment, rehab and recovery protocols and it has massively helped me maintain my performance and high training levels'

Chris McDermott - London 2012 Athlete

Playing a contact sport like handball really puts the body through a lot of stress. There have been times when I have not been sure whether I will be able to play but Tom always manages to get me fixed and on the court. I have no hesitation in recommending my Chiropractor Tom to anyone wanting to stay on court. 

James Broady - Team GB swimmer

After back pain from increase in training load, Tom put me back together in time for my next competition, which I won. Since then we've worked on technique and better load management as well as advice on things like sleep and recovery. Would recommend Tom to any athlete struggling to get out of pain. 

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